About Luke Randall

Luke’s deep connection to Fredericton North started generations ago, even before he was born. His paternal grandfather worked pulling ice from the Wolastoq River to chill neighbourhood ice boxes. Today, his parents live only a few houses away from where the old family bakery once operated. Luke spent many of his school years in Devon, spending time with his maternal grandparents on St. Mary’s Street where they also ran their family owned and operated business. Many years later, Luke would buy his first home in Devon where he resided for fourteen years. He now lives with his husband Tyler on the North Side of the Wolastoq. 

Luke grew up just outside of Fredericton and he earned his high school diploma from Devon Park Christian School on Fredericton’s North side in 1994. After graduating, instead of continuing on to post-secondary education, Luke decided to take a gap year to open Endeavours The Artist Shop.

Starting his own business out on his parent’s front porch in Harvey, the “gap year” has lasted for twenty five years and now includes ThinkPlay, the local toy and boardgame store that Luke opened separately in 2003. Endeavours and ThinkPlay is now under one roof and located on Queen Street in Fredericton’s downtown. Luke has a passion for arts, culture, and community, believing that everyone should have the opportunity to be engaged. In addition to running his business, Luke has been instrumental in developing arts in our Fredericton community and beyond. Luke has served on a number of arts boards and initiatives, including holding executive positions. Over the years Luke has been an active part of Fredericton arts events, whether that is by enabling their possibility or attending and showing his support. Owning his own company in downtown Fredericton has allowed Luke the opportunities to serve on the executive for Downtown Fredericton, act as a mentor to many new business owners, and work with high school students in co-op programs, art classes, and business classes. For many years, Luke wrote a business column for The Daily Gleaner. Finally, Luke has served on committees as well as the board of iAMart, a North American buying group for artist materials retail companies. All of these opportunities have given Luke firsthand experience with working in community, but also understanding the nuances of large-scale business management.

While business has been a fulfilling career for Luke, the current state of our social and environmental landscape has left Luke knowing he has a responsibility to be an active part of the solution for the challenges we face as a community. Community has always been an important part of what Luke does. For example, Luke and his husband Tyler have initiated a number of community projects through their business, Endeavours and ThinkPlay. The most recent project “Pride Heroes” works to tell the stories of local LGBTQ2+ community leaders to act as an inspiration to the next generation of leaders and to educate others on the experiences of LGBTQ2+ people. Luke is deeply committed to the community and is particularly concerned with the protection of marginalized communities, alleviating poverty, ensuring access to healthcare. Luke is confident we must take action on environmental issues affecting Fredericton North and our province. Flooding will continue to impact Fredericton North, and Luke wants to help prepare our community for future challenges to come. For this reason, Luke has decided to take a step back from the business he started from nothing, in order to do his part to help ensure our community has a future with adequate housing and solutions for climate impacts for all of us who call this wonderful city our home.